Innovation Insights (VisitScotland)

Understanding developing consumer trends is increasingly important during the recovery of tourism following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

VisitScotland's Innovation Insight papers explore new and evolving trends and consumer expectations developing in tourism today, from consumer demand and business innovations around the world.

Importance of Storytelling in Tourism
Localism and Authentic Experiences
Adaptable Adventure
Worcationing - Working from Holiday
Retail, Food & Drink

Future Thinking

While VisitScotland can’t claim to predict the future, they do continually evaluate the consumer environment looking for new directions the tourism industry may end up taking.

To help our Scottish tourism providers prepare for the future, VisitScotland identify changes in consumer behaviour, technology and our environment. Their Futures papers fast-forward our thinking to consider the long-term trajectory of tourism around the world and in Scotland.

Navigating the New Normal - Post Covid-19 Consumer Trends
Tourism Futures 2069 - What will tourism look like in 2069?

Scottish Enterprise

Megatrends impacting Scottish tourism to 2025: opportunities for Scotland

This report analyses the future of the Scottish tourism industry from a global perspective, in order to provide a robust evidence base to support strategic decision-making by Scottish Enterprise (SE), partners and industry in the medium- to long-term. It looks at current tourism infrastructure, the industry’s potential and the challenges it faces. It identifies the most pertinent ‘megatrends’ (long-term changes in behaviours or attitudes with global impacts across multiple industries).

Scottish Tourism Megatrends to 2025

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